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Frank's Journal
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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
5:33 pm
dont try to use my live journal name again
Saturday, January 6th, 2001
6:35 pm
hola mi amigos. how are you all doing?? i am doing pretty good. ok... here is a recap of my winter stuff so farski... christmas came way to quickly... and there wasn't nearly enough snow... then new years came.. and my pin didn't work at all, hehe.. kiss me its my birthday =), but I did get to hang out with the family an awful lot.. awful is the key word here.... hehe.. then I got to see all the buddys from high school that I never get to see.. it was a fun time.... hehe... but I think I can without pukin on 95 for awhile... hehe... yeah.. definetly got really sick on 95.. but that is ok.. I mean I did get have ALOT of alcohol in me... hehe... but whatever... I definitely felt like shit the next day...so guess what... no work for me =)...hehe... oh well... I have a feeling I am either gonna be fired very soon.. or be quitting.. I mean baseball starts in two weeks... jeez... i am a fatass... I really gotta get my act together.... I gotta make sure I do better this semeseter also ( a recurring theme eh?)hehe... oh well... it is off to try to find something fun to do until I can make Dana happy =)...hehe...hope you all had an awesome winter break... while I was stuck in frickin newark delaware...damnit... talk to you later muddah fuh
Saturday, December 30th, 2000
1:45 pm
hi ho, hi ho, today it is going to snow. hehe. well not really.... sheesh, I mean come on now, they were talking bout these 15 inches of snow in the newark area, but guess what.. woke up this morning and there was NOTHING on the ground... a big old wopping NOTHING. ok ok ok. I know I sound pissy, but guess what, I am here at work and not at home.. enjoying a sweet ass sweet cold glass of water in one hand, and a spicely pepporoni sick in the other, while I cut it up onto crackers..... mmmmm.... crackers..... well here is the thing, my uncle definitely bought me tickets to the eagles game tomorrow on the fiftey yard line on the 200 level for my dad he and I for my birthday... but guess what.... I HAVE TO WORK!!!!! damnit... hehe, oh well, hopefully there will be more playoff games down the road... right? =/ well definitely had a good time last night. got to hang out with the high school buddies that I never ever see so it was a good night had by alll..... I think... hehe. definitely hit up timothys again.... only this time the dumb bouncer was checking ids... hehe, but guess whos worked!?!?!? if you guessed me... you guessed right.. hehe. but I didnt get plastered I mean am working right now, hehe. but guess who didn't see? I definitely didn't see the jay kay, I mean come on, what kinda party is it without the jay kay, and then you throw in no franny, no dana, and then it is just a bunch of people wishing that they were franny and company... I mean jeez, hehe, but still a good time. well now it is starting to snow, but it looks like too little too late. oh well. the last thing I want to happen is to get snowed in at work, that would be NO GOOD, defintely would suck... but I did just get these awesome snow tires for my car. The tire place was having an awesome sale... there were only 500 bucks for a pair. they kinda look skiney, but the dealer assured me that they can handle anything that is water based. plus he threw in at only 50 dollars more this awesome stuff you spray on the tread to make it grip the road in the ice... SWEET. my dad said I was psycho and that I definitely got jipped... but the joke is on him.. I already sprayed the spray on my tires... sweet... my car is so ready for the snow.. oh yeah. My hampster is pissed off at me though, I went to play him yesterday.. and like every five minutes he would look at me and snouf out his nose at me... I gotta figure out something to make him like me again.. any suggestions??? well off to do more work again.. I am not getting paid the big bucks ( not nearly enough) to sit here and type on the computer all day.. that and I also have to take a dump... shhhh, dont tell anyone hehe. talk to you guys later, and enjoy the snowski
Friday, December 29th, 2000
4:02 pm
ok... what to do when the fryer is broken at taco bell..... you basically have two options here. You can A) go to Arbys and get some sweet succulant chicken tenders....mmmmm chicken tenders. Or you can B) go to McD's and pick up some sweet ass sweet Mc Chickie sandwichas. Do not, I repeat DO NOT get a gordita. I mean this may have been my worst mistake ever. These things taste like hammy my hamster smells. If you decide to hit up Arbys, let me make a suggestion... honey mustard dipping sauce, yeah, mustard dipping sauce is NICE. hmmm. snow tomorrow hopefully, then I will get out of work for the second saturday in a row, hells yeah! but it is gonna take some doing from the snow man, aka adam. hehe, but the thang is that it is supposed to accumulate during the day, and that could mean... dare I say it.. I could be snowed in at work, that would BLOW!!!! but oh well, maybe I will bet food poisoning again, hehe =) Well I have been here for 29 minutes and this place smells like a wet dog, so I am ready to go home, but guess what, definitely still have some time to go. Oh well, seeing the kay jay tonight will more than make up for it... talk to ya latah
Monday, December 18th, 2000
11:42 pm
I HATE DENNIS MILLER!!!!!!! this man has no brain, I think he just opens a dictionary and randomly picks out words. Nothing he says makes sense, and it is sooo choppy, I feel bad for anyone who is working with him, they have to listen to him all day long, thier only consolation is that they are getting paid, no matter how much it is though, it is not nearly enough. Well hammy and I are watching the game tonight, and it is a good one. right now the Rams are up by like 3, but there are only 4 minutes left in the game, man, it is gonna be a close one. Ok, here is the thing, I got my cleats for baseball today, and they are SWEET!!!! Free cleats are always nice, and the best part is..... they fit like a glove, SWEET ASS SWEET. so anyway, I am definitely taking english again next semester, I think this teacher defenitely hated me, she was so anti-male, except to the nice state trooper that sat next to me, she was always trying to get him to get rid of her parking ticket, but I think she also wanted his night stick. hehe, I am bad. This is the most wonderful time of the year though, everyone is home from school just in time for me to hang out with them and to let them know what I want for my birthday, I am just not sure what it is that I want. Well hopefully I can work out a way for me to go to maine, because right now it is looking like work is dampening my plans. Yeah, something tells me I am not gonna be working this job for long. Oh well, give me a call and I will fill you in on all the too hot for tv details, or you can just ask the jay kay, they always seem to know what is going on. Talkee latee... that was for you car =)
Sunday, December 17th, 2000
12:55 pm
Ok, I know I have been slacking in the journal updates, so yeah, here I am. I am at work right now, and let me tell you, BORING!!!!!! I did find out that I have to work on christmas eve and new years eve though, AWESOME!!!!! Working on your birthday while the rest of the world is out getting nicely drunk and laid definitely sucks. Hmmmmm..... something tells me I wont be working at this job much longer, cause I wanna go to canada and maine, but who knows. bbbbbuuuutttttttt......13.50/hr is nice, very nice. hmmmm, I am torn. oh well, as long as I get my jay kay snacks tickle me elmo will be happy... right jay=)The only upside to work right now is that franny and melissa are keeping me company while the dumb lady accross the room keeps trying to talk to us. I am however done my shopping for the holidays, which is very very sweet ass sweet.....but shhhh, dont tell freddie, hehe, he is gonna like what I got him. ok, here is the thing, we need snow, and lots of it, damnit. hehe, well i should really get some work done, and let me just tell you, my hampster is the best hampster around, he is all bad ass and what not. Well talk to you guys later, and I will be updating more now that finals are over. FINALS SUCK!!!!! haha, hasta luego
Sunday, December 10th, 2000
1:58 am
yup, went the weekend without any beer, without any jaykay snacks, without any chalupas, and without any fun, except for seeing john perform some awesome play at weidner, dude, you rocked. Here is the thing, Mrs. brennan, yeah, definitely hates me, and Mr. doody, yeah, definitely hates me. But on the plus side Mrs doody is a hottie, so sweet. Well thanks for going with me jillian, the drive wasnt as long as I thought, even though I was tired as all hell. So yeah, why am I so good at the game asshole, hmm, better not answer that question huh. Well all I can say is that I am always president. So what is the deal with delaware drivers anyway, man, we suck. When you see a jersey driver flipping you off, you know you have suken to rock bottom. haha, damn I am so tired right now. Well I think I am gonna hit the hay, i have to work tomorrow, but I will be sure to do a better update while I am at work, we are always slow on sundays. Well fill ya in tomorrow, later
Wednesday, December 6th, 2000
11:07 pm
YO YO YO!!! MTV raps, that is enough said. Why does it seem that music is capable of running our lives? Hmmmmm, perhaps it is a simplistic way for us to portray our feelings without actually communicating. I think it is more avoidance than decleration, but that is just me, and besides that it is fun to get all the shit off your chest without having to actually listen to someone elses side, hehe. But my theme song will dominate all others. I think you can guess it, WU TANG sings it, that should help. So anyway, here is a question for ya, are you a librarian? becuase I would love to check you out!!!! yeah, I know that is awesome, and that is why it is the pick up line of the week!!!! So anyway, motorcycle? what do you think? I am gonna get a harley 883 sportster, it is nice little entry level bike, pretty cheap, and it has that oh so nice sound. so have you figured out my theme song?? little hint, it is on thirty six chambers, did you guys know I have a WU t-shirt? I actually have two, but one is really shruken up, I just sorta wear it as an undershirt when I play ball now. Ok, time for a journal update, my VTECH paper, yeah it sucks, it keeps sticking together as it goes through the printer, like 8 of them go through at once, and only the top one gets any ink god damnit!!!! I have had numerous paper jams the past couple of days, but hey, that is what you get when you buy top of the line, sorta like a porshe, the smallest thing throws everything else off, I just gotta tweak with it a bit, hehe. ok, do you give up on the song!?!?!? it is......... I will save it for the end, it will be worth it. here is my question of the day, if I am an aviation major why the fuck do i have to take accounting and english composition. I mean am I gonna be up in the air and be like " hi passangers, this is your captain speaking, we will be flying at an altitude of approx. 16000 feet at roughly 55 knots, and I would like to tell any passangers who are being audited by the IRS that I am a competant accountant and will put some numbers together for you along with an apology letter to the gov't for trying to rip them off, thank you, dinner will be served shortly". Somehow I dont see that happening. I think we only have to take these dumb ass courses so that these people who were english majors and liberal arts majors have a job. Because as much as it seems like no one in my class wants to be there, my teacher follows suite just as nice. But anyway, I am tired of waiting for Fish to want to move out, so I am now taking applications for an apartment, hit me up, and I will fill you in on the details. ok, I think you have waited long enough for my theme song, it is...... WU TANG CLAN AINT NUTTIN TA FUK WIT, just take that song and put frankie kurz everytime they say WU TANG CLAN and it is like they wrote all for me. I am honored, thank you my WU brothers. haha, but anyway, has anyone see jackie brown??? a hot little filly if I so say so myself. ok, here is the deal, I am probably going skiing january 2-5 with my buddies from temple in maine, but my birthday is on the 31st of Dec, so i may have to be traveling on my birthday, hmmmm. My parents said it was cool and that they dont mine me not being home on my birthday, but I think it may hurt them if I dont. The other option is to take a train up to boston on the 1st, and then catch up with my ride at bus station. But then I have to deal with crazy boston bus station on new years day, ludicrous, I tell ya. But either way, it would be worth it, I mean four days at sugar loaf is a good four days. And I need your input on one more thing, the movie unbreakable, I have heard from some people it is awesome, and others that it is horrible, no one has said it is just ok, so I am torn over whether I should spend $8 to see it in the theater, or wait and spend $3 to rent it, and also have to luxery or turning it off it sucks and making up a story about how the tape is broken to get my money back from blockbuster. hmmmm, something tells me I will never see this movie. haha, oh well, as long as I can see "Dude, where is my car", I will be a happy man. Well it is time for bed, I have to wake up early and go to the mall and laugh at people doing christmas shopping tomorrow, talk to you guys later, and remember one thing, protek ya neck, and C.R.E.A.M. stands for one thing... Cash Rules Everything Around me, remember that and you should be fine. ( editors note, protek ya neck is on thirty six chambers, yet it is also WU TANGS new album but the words are alittle different and they now also have a video to it as well)
Monday, December 4th, 2000
12:54 am
Sara, all I have to say is that you are just way to cerebral. Beach aren't you glad we got a keg, haha, yeah right, pre-game turned into monday night football!! So anyway, to recap friday night, we first went to hooters in new castle, yeah, let me tell you, NICE!!!!! All kinds of scantally clad brunettes and blondes doing their thing while we ate some nicely deep fried chicken parts. So anyway, after nick let our waitress his number, we went to Chris Beaches. oh yes, beach + one= crowd. So anyway, I tried to get some of these jay kay snacks right, but listen to this, they were all out. All I could do was look at the box and read the ingredients, DAMNIT!!!! :), hehe. I did however meet this nice little amish girl, very nice people those amish. so anyway, back to the partay. Yeah, too much dancing, not enough beer pong, I dont think I put enough arc on the ball damnit. and besides, those weren't regulation size cups, i got jipped. So after we do our party thing on friday, saturday was much more slow. Too many high school people, and not enough beer. Well at least I know that franny and dave had a good time. They were at her dumb field hockey thang. But from what I hear she did wear black pants, so yes, that is a plus, hehe. Speaking of black pants, did anyone happen to see... babyface or spacegirl, I mean DAMN, haha, just kidding, they were nice and friendly as always. So yeah, sara is definitely cerebral, and indiginant. She walked all the way to the store in the freezing ass cold just for a peppermint patty, and the worst part is that Gerke probably went with her, hehe, nice. Well tomorrow I have a english mid term due, and guess what, didnt even start, I should probably get going or guess what, no basebll for frank in the spring. well if I hung with you this weekend you know the deal, and if not, give me a call, we can partay this week. Talk to yall later, time to hit the books, shit it is all late, oh wait, Married with children is on, sweet, i can always start tomorrow, well, atleast I hope, talk to you later
Sunday, December 3rd, 2000
1:24 am
oh no, here comes that sun again, that means another day without you my friend,

and it hurts me to look into the mirror at myself, but it hurts me even more to have to be here with someone else.

and its so hard to do and so easy to say, but sometimes sometimes you just have to walk away, WAAAAALLLLKKKK AAAWWWAAAAYYY,

so many people to love in my life, why do I worry about one,

but are you the happy in my ness, you put the goodtimes into my fun, and its so hard to do, and so easy to say,

but sometimes, sometimes, you just have to walk away, and head for the door,

and we tried the good byes so many days, we walk in the same direction so we can never stray,

they say that if you love somebody then you have got to set them free, but I would rather be locked to you than live in this pain and misery,

they say that time will make all of this go away away, but it is time that has taken my tomorrows and turned them into yesteray,

and once again that rising sun is dropping on down, and once again you my friend you are nowhere to be found,

so hard to do and so easy to say, but somtimes sometimes you just have to walk away, walk away and head for the door, you just walk away, we will see each other some day, walk away


It is always the wierdest times that I think of you. I mean I started out the evening just looking forward to a fun night of hanging out. but I see all these people our ages and I just cant think of how quickly you fade from peoples memories. You are in me in everything I do, sometimes alittle more than my parents would like, you were never the influence they wanted, but they definitely liked you. From soccer with me when we were 6, to talking that girl into dancing with me when we were freshman, to being my driving partner with Ms. Styles, I miss your dumb laugh, I miss fairfield park, I miss hanging out and just being idiot kids. I am always thinking of you, and how you impacted my life. You hung out with me when no one else did at downes, I was the new kid, I knew nobody, but you took me in and showed me how to use the rope swing without chaffing my hands. You were gonna be the lacross hero, and I was gonna just gonna play ball. I still haven't seen anyone who can even carry your jock. Just a strange time to think of you, but two nights full of beer and teenage people being dumb all in the name of fun, brought out alittle of bean in everyone. next time you can show ME where the party is scott, and dont be a stranger, it is always a blast to see you, come by again anytime.
Wednesday, November 29th, 2000
11:35 pm
what kind of copy paper is no good for your printer? I mean there are like 15 differnt kinds, and they all look, smell and taste the same. I think this evil ploy of copy paper overload is a simple scheme of a racket run by staples in an effort to get us to buy the more expensive, the more " LUXURIOUS" VTECH copy paper, over the one that just comes in the red box, they both print my downloaded term paper the same, I just dont see the difference. That is why I bought the VTECH paper, I just had to take the 20 print challenge. They said if you don't notice some kind of non-inclusive change within the first 20 prints, then I should never buy the VTECH paper again. I am not sure, I just have a feeling I will see some kinda change. So I bought it,and let me tell you, other than that $25 decoder ring I bought last week, this is by far the best decision i have made in awhile. But when I told some people about my great business skills they seemed to mock me. Franny called me the lesser of the two F's. I on the other hand simply had to tell her about how great I drive, and how I am able to see what kind of paper is the best for my printer. I have to Figure out what to get my brother for his birthday. It is on friday, all franny and dave told me to get was a cd, but I mean he is turning 16, and he is my brother, so I have to get him something really good. I think I should become a boxer, boxers are cool, except for the ones that suck, they are just bums. What do you think about a bar, maybe I will open a bar. Only thing is you have to have a liqour license, and those are sold on the free market, and each state has a set amount, so they are never sold for anything less than $100,000, and I just don't even have $7,000, so am shit outta luck. Do you know what sucks, delaware is gearing up for finals, while wilmington still has like three more weeks, so that means no partys this week, then while I am getting ready for finals there will be ALOT, then it is winter break and we are back to none. Hmmm, I have to go to frannys party at the end of the semester though, or I have to drag sara to come out and party with me and adam and her roommate, and Chris had better have a party over winter break, wait, there is alot to do SWEET. Here is the thing, the sixers, eagles, and flyers are all winning, yet I dont have the desire to pay $50 to see any of them play. I wonder why. I guess it is because after you get throught the lush stadium parking, and the huge stadium building, and you pay for your overpriced hotdog and sodia, and you get to you seat, IT IS STILL JUST A DUMB FOOTBALL/BASEBALL/BASEKETBALL/HOCKEY GAME!!!! and to top it all off, I have cable, I can watch teams that are not only good, but who play against other good teams, SAWEET. so yeah, my VTECH paper is paying dividends already. I just printed a paper for my english class, it came out with a lines of every color in the rainbow, AWESOME. But now i Have to see if I have any paper in the red box left. you see, as cool as I think it is, my teacher will still find a place to write 34% on it anyway, so I should atleast make her work to write it on there. Talk to you guys later
Monday, November 27th, 2000
10:53 pm
ok, I like drive five miles an hour over the speed limit with the radio LOUD, I like to eat out and I like to eat often, I like led zepplin, Guster, G-love, Biggie and Dave Mathews. I like Wu Tang, for they are the best tang around, I like blonds,love red heads, worship brunettes, I like high school football on a fall night with a light frost, I like the simpsons, I like kelley bundy, I like to sit at home in the dark and play playstaion with the sound turned off and the radio on, I like to talk about things that I have no idea what they mean or are, I like to hear other people talk about things that I know all to well, I like the sun but I love the rain, I like to learn but I hate school, I like the idea of being bad ass but I hate working to become it, I like monday night football but I hate dennis miller, I like to talk on the phone at all hours of the night to people I haven't seen in four months, I like pennies rolled into their change sleeves, I like MAC machines that you can deposit money into and take money out of, I like my family except on the following holidays-- christmas-thanksgiving- and my birthday- those are the days I like to be left alone, I like baseball when it is played in the street-the backyard or on the tv, I like so sing the words to songs as loud as I can when no one can hear me, I like to pretend I am famous, I like to sip on really hot chocolate while sitting next to a fire as I day dream about what I could have been if I went to tatnall, I like the fact that my iq is higher than both of the presidential candidates, I like rolling rock, I like to wear hats of any color or coordination, I like the phrase "aint no thang but a chicken wing on a string from burger king", I like to be true to myself, I like not celebreting christmas, I like sitting at home on warm summer evenings in my boxers watching the sky, I like to write in this journal, I like not going to class, I like going to bed, good night
Sunday, November 26th, 2000
11:57 pm
I HAVE TOO MUCH WORK, I AM HIRING ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN TO DO MY WORK. QUALITY IS NOT AN ISSUE, JUST QUANTITY. ok, now that is off my chest I would just like to say hello to everyone that I haven't seen for awhile, I have been soo busy lately, but I guess that is the life of someone who cares. Have I mentioned how cool paul simon is? he is BADASSSSSSSSSS, oh yeah, he is cool. but anyway, none of my pick up lines worked on franny or jillian tonight, I guess they still need some polish. best thing that happened today....... someone taped the simpsons for me while I was at work so I get to watch them tomorrow!!!! OH YEAH!!!! but I heard it was a craptacular episode anyway,,,, damnit. I think matt goening is going crazy, I mean come on now, he has been writing that show for darn near 15 years, he has be out of ideas soon. Chalupa count for the weekend ( that includes thursday and friday) 15!!!!! I AM A FATASS!!!! pick up line of the day " hi my name is ashley, have you ever dated an ashely?", that thing is sweet. so yeah, college is too much work, I mean come on now, when does it ever stop, I have been saying the same damn thing since 2nd grade with those blasted times tables, yeah, FUCK YOU MRS SCHWARTZ, I HATED YOU. yeah, so at the football game on friday, newark killed caesar rodney ( yeah I know I am a loser, graduated like 8 years ago yet here I am at a dumb high school football game), I got to see alot of people I haven't seen in while. hehe. jay kay snax, I simply can't resist. Well I have to thank kelly and amanda for letting me borrow their blanket, but the real thanks goes to ian, hehe, thanks for keeping me warm big boy, HAHA. I wish the weekend could have been longer, while I was hanging out with all my old buddies I didn't get to talk to or hang out with dave or franny or dana, or anyone from work or wilmington. I bet Ben had a great thanksgiving break in maine, you suck. I bet it was all nice with fresh air there, and of course flip had a awesome time at tuckonick, I mean what couldn't be better than the fucking city right, haha. well work sucks, and school sucks, and baseball is a pain in the ass, and I really don't have any time to party anymore, but hey, these are the times of our lives right, or wait, is that high school??? Did life pass me by?? shit, i am 19 going on 20 and i am over the hill, maybe I should retire to florida, I could make a name for myself in the senior olypics, a la AL BUNDY, GREATEST MAN EVER!!!! well time to do my thang and get this god damn paper over with, and we still don't know who the hell is our president, what kind of crap country do we live in. anyother country in the world and there would be all kinds of rioting and killing and fliping of the cars, and cancelation of schools, but no, we live in the craptacular us of a, damnit, something has to give, SCHOOL SUCKS!!!!!! procrastination is a thing of art, and I am the leonardo to its canvas. I have no idea what I just said, but hey, it got me out of writing my paper for three more minutes. Well it is now getting colder, got is it cold, I don't think the heat is on in my room, maybe I will check that out before Iget started, but anyway, yeah, it is getting all cold out. I hope it snows soon and then they cancel school for the rest of the year or something. oh well, i go to florida in january to play baseball so life isn't all lemons, well I a fat old man, denying his fate to sit here all night until my paper is done, so I should prolly turn on the tv, SWEET, saturday night live is on, and it is the one with britney spears, I can wait just one more hour to get started right .........
Thursday, November 23rd, 2000
10:21 pm
hmmm, so it is thanksgiving, I have already hung out with the family, I am very full, and yet I am not out partying or drunk.... hmmmm, why is this true. well lets see, thanksgiving is the holiday from hell. there are no presents, no bunnies, and no alcohol. I mean you get suckered into thinking the dy is great with the food and all, but then you get hit the whole family thing, where you have to answer questions and justify everything you do from how you dip your chip, to why your hampsters name is hammy. But that is what is so great about families right, you get to drive them crazy. So anyway, dinner was all great, I mean it was no taco bell, but then again what is these days. Well there is still some more pie to be eaten so I think I am gonna go and help my fat ass to some more pie. And I have heard SOOOO many sweet ass sweet jokes from the family today, so drop me a line and I will tell you. haha, talk you guys later
Sunday, November 19th, 2000
11:24 pm
yeah yeah yeah, I know, it has been awhile, but you gotta understand, I have been spending my nights at the taco bell getting chalupas to go, I mean have you heard the news??? rumor has it that they are gonna discontinue chalupas due to lack of sales. But who know, that could just be an ugly rumor that jose told me when he sold me that sweet juicy santa fe chalupa, wow, that was sooo good...... mmmmmmm.... chalupas. yeah, let me tell you about my night last night. We started out the night seeing meet the parents. From there we hit up deer park ( a local bar). let me tell you about deer park... beware the old ladies with the facial hair. So after two pichers of beer, I go and get in line to get a third ( my turn for beer bitch, nice huh). so anyway, I am standing in line for like 10 minutes and I finally get up to the bar and this guy in front of me starts ordering mixed drinks and passing them back to his friends one a time. So I am getting really frustrated now, and this old lady next to me starts to talk to me, and I am like politely blowing her off, like " yeah great, awesome, talk to you later". but then she says something that interests me, " try this, it is really good". This old ass lady is offering me a drink!!!! NICE!!!! so I am kinda intruiged, I ask her what is in it. The bar was kinda loud, I remember hearing a few types of alcohol and then sunkist orange juice. so I think to myself, cool sunkist orange juice is good, I have had that my mom gives it to me at home, so I take a sip and it isn't that bad, it actually tasted like thick water. well about five minutes later I am DONE. I get back to our standing place with our pitcher and let me just say, yeah, I felt good. well anyway, we decide to leave there and catch up with some other guys kinda late. I finally get home and I suppose I talked to a few of you, or atleast that is what you tell me. Have you guys seen my hamster Hammie? He is awesome, but he is kinda loud when I wanna sleep. oh well, that is the price of a roomie huh ben? I will prolly understand him more when he isn't here. Well I am watching American beauty right now for the first time, it is on hbo, and let me tell you, it is really funny in a sick way that I thought only I had the power to understand.... haha... well me and jillian... oh shiiiii........If anyone knows kelley, you gotta tell her to stop drinking, she is turning into a deralic, I mean come on now, she got busted in her dorm room for drinking, that is rock bottom. haha, just kidding, that is college. Well my buddy adam is home from college so that means one thing, no time for anything but being drunk. Oh yeah, one more thing, baseball, still too much running, yeah, I am a fat ass, right dana, haha. I gotta get back to tending to my roomie, he got stuck under my bed while running around my room in his plastic running ball, so I gotta vamose, talk to you hip cats later, and remember one thing, I am HERC
Tuesday, November 14th, 2000
12:04 am
well... another monday, and another thought of how to get dennis miller off of monday night football... latest thought, take over dan or al ( his partners on monday night football), and just kick his ass. Here is the plan though, I need to get nicely toasted this weekend, and then act really really stupid, I haven't done that in awhile. Plus Delaware lost to temple, and I have to stick to what I wrote in an earlier journal entry, so I have to root for temple this year. NO CHALUPAS TODAY!!!! But tomorrow is a running day, so we will see how I do. I handed in my term paper today, I hope I did well, but I am not sure, I think it is kinda weak, but oh well. I am gonna try to get up to temple sometime this week to party, hopefully somtime around thursday. Well I have to go and figure out how I am gonna make it through another day of running and hitting and all the other good shit that makes you wanna get up in the morning =). HOT GIRLS..... leave a comment. talk to you guys later.
Sunday, November 12th, 2000
9:48 pm
sunday sucks. man, I had to work today, and this dumb woman who works there didnt shut up all damn day. this lady is sooooo dumb, she talks to everyone and butts into everyones conversations, and she talks like she knows everything and like talks down to people and shit. but she doesn't talk to me anymore, I kinda told her off a week ago when she keep bothering me. but anyway, I had to write my term paper while I was at work and I don't think I did that great of a job, but it is done. and did anyone watch the simpsons tonight, what a let down, I mean come on, where is all the old pizazz, homer is still great, and marge tries, but I just dont see the effort out of bart anymore. Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days, but I have been a bit busy. Nothing too special but just enough to keep me away from yall. We didn't have to run on thursday, we just lifted and stuff as a team, not really fun, wish we had run, becuase now we have to run an extra time this week, life is cruel. Well I had 8 chalupas this week, I am now a fat ass. I have found my profession though, nascar driver. I am gonna use my skills learned in the mean streets of christianstead to dominate the gritty road of the nascar circuit. I have to thank Mr dalfavo for a second, all the crap that he taught me in high school has somehow transformed into useable knowledge. just so you know, not every state electorial officials have to vote with the populare vote, Florida being one of the states that allows the electorial college representatives to vote how they please. what this means is that it is possible for like 4 electorial votes from florida to go to gore, the rest to bush. then neither candidate would have 270 votes. when this happens the senate ( majority repulican) votes on the prez, and the house of representatives ( majority democrate) votes on the vice prez, so technically it is possible for us to have a republican prez and a democrate vice prez, america is great, thanks Mr Dalfavo. I tried to explain that to dave, and franny and dana, but they couldn't understand it. The oj story is on right now, let me tell how tired I am of oj, VERY TIRED OF OJ. we have all read the book, we all have cable and saw court tv, and we all DONT CARE ANYMORE. well here it is almost 11 and I have soo much shit to do. Hopefully that lady at work wont talk to me anymore, I think her dad was a jerk face killah, and her mom was a jerk face liah, because she is a jerk face killah who lies. haha. I know that was mean, but it had to be said. well I think I am developing an ulcer from life in general, I prcrastinate way to much, then worry about it way to much, so I gotta go and get done my work, talk to you guys later.
Friday, November 10th, 2000
12:24 am
DAVE LEWIS, NUFF SAID, he is like the coolest guy around, he and shaun mullenuix are the most understanding of everyone at work when i just don't feel like working, so that needed to be noted. now on a lighter note, I must have lost about 15 pounds today, yeah, it rained. so that means about an hour and half or running straight. NOT FUN.Well today is a thursday, so that means that tomorrow is a friday, and friday is a good day indeed. alright, there is about a month and half till frank is no longer a teen, I am starting to get old. 20 is a bad age, you aren't a teen any more, you aren't old enough to drink or gamble, and you are not allowed to do a bunch of other shit. The univeristy of delaware plays temple on monday in the preseason NIT. So the winner of that game will win my loyalty this season. Do any of you guys not like frogs? because if you do do not ever go to frannys house, the place is covered in friggin green and yellow plush frogs. yeah, frogs are no fun. if you guys ever want to bug someoen on aol just talk to this name Lmn819, she is fun to talk to, just dont tell her I sent you ;). Well I am gonna go and get a chalupa, I think I deserve it, I mean I did alot of running today and I don't have to do any tomorrow. by the way, no girls commented on yesterdays entry at the proper comment place:(, although dana did make a comment to me today on aol. hehe. I hope that gore wins, George Bush really really scares me. talk to you guys later.
Wednesday, November 8th, 2000
11:35 pm
hola mi amigos, ?como estas? yo so asi. Mi nombre es sancho. sancho is moy tirido. hehe, I don't know any spanish, I wish I did. But you know who does know spanish?? my friend dana berry, she is really good at it, I am kinda jealous. Languages are not my forte at all. I took latin, spanish and french in high school, passed them all, and I can't do anything but count to diez (10) in spanish. Today was a good day though. I got to do relatively nothing today. I had a light hitting practice this morning, then I had a accounting exam that I hopefully dominated, but you know how that goes, anytime you think you tore a test up when you get it back it has a great big 54% on it. Countdown till my birthday.....53 days. This is what I want, just a night with that one special girl, if you think you are her, give me a call, hehe, you know who you are... wink wink. I want to go to New York City this christmas, a few of my buddies are going, but my dad is going to have shoulder surgery around the time that they are gonna go, and I am supposed to drive him back and forth from the hospital. Hmmmmm, decisions decisions. Well tomorrow is a running day, as much as I have been asking for rain, I was told if it rains we get to just stay in the gym and do suicides and side to sides all day, WOW, WHAT FUN!!!! no, not fun at all. but listen to this, chalupas eaten today 0!!!!! I am one day towards kicking my ugly habit =). here is my question for you, should I pay for the extended warrenty on my car? the regular one is up in like 3 months or something, and they sent me a letter saying I could extend it. I have never had a problem with it, and it is in pretty good shape, I mean minor problems are bound to come up, but do you guys think it is worth buying the extended warrenty? I don't think so, but it is fun to hear from people who aren't as smart as I am. So anyway, hehe, I am not smart. but I do know this one guy, he is a friggin genuis. His name is taz and after a hear and half at temple he is gonna be like a half junior. He was taking like 23 credits a semester last year, yeah, he is a friggin genuis. I think I am gonna visit zumbabway. I just like that name. I am sure they have fun culture thingies there. and my new favorite word is budinski. say it and I garuantee you will laugh. I was so bored earlier that I had watched christmas vacation with chevy chase, I love that movie. My favorite part is when the cat gets electricuted, cats are so dumb. oh well, dogs are great and that is the end of that. I mean who couldn't love the dog in that movie "snot". He is great. but the movie I really want to see is the grinch who stole christmas, that looks really really good, plus jim carrey is in it and he has never made a bad movie, except for maybe " earth girls are easy", but that doesn't count, I mean come on, he was playing an alien so that is pretty cool right. alright, well I gotta get ready to go to bed and dream of being a major motion picture director leading the new southpark movie, attack of the un-bra-ed ones. Then I can get jenny mcarthy to work with us as the head un-bra-ed one, man I gotta go, I can't wait to dream this up. parlez-vous les types plus tard, et je verrai tous vous des mommas chauds dans mon sommeil. that is french, if you can figure it out I will give you a special prize. but don't look at the answer at the bottom of the page ok. but if you do look, use a mirror, but don't use it unless you really really need it, later.

peels ym ni sammom toh uoy lla ees lliw I dna ,retal syug uoy ot klat
Tuesday, November 7th, 2000
11:06 pm
man, I am sooooo outta shape. we ran 2 miles to start, then we did like a million suicides, then we did side to sides, and push ups and sit ups, and more sprints, then jogged our ass the half mile back to school. I was so incredibly tired, I am not sure how many chalupas I can afford to eat if I plan on living through this " off-season". Well, there is something I would like to bring up with you all, I have had some comments that my journal isn't refined enough, or alittle to edgy, or whatever, well listen, I am not here to make friends, I am here to entertain the ones I have, hehe, so I will try to not use such bad ass language, ok pig fuckers? I had to write my check for my car insurance tonight, do you know what I realized? I realized I put alot of money away this summer. I think that my 5 thousand dollars should more than support my run for president. ok, so franny vanluen is going to JMU with U of D's field hockey team this weekend for like the conference championship or some junk , so you all have to root for her, even if you don't know her,you can root for her becase she and I have the same name. if anyone our there likes to run and at all looks like me let me know, maybe we can set something up on tuesdays and thursdays. Well Newark lost tonight in volleyball,and that means that some of my friends played their last volleyball game ever. Well I am soo tired of the election, so this is all I will say about it " Gore", that about does it. We need some rain, preferably on a tuesday or thursday. I think I am gonna pull a muscle on thursday, I can feel my legs cramping up already, hehe, I am such a cry baby. well I am really tired, and i have to hit and such tomorrow morning, so I guess I fill you guys in on some more tomorrow, hasta
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